March 29.

Finding Your Inner Peace.

Life is full..FULL of surprises.
At times, I find it hard to make it through.
I know I'm not alone in this.
I'm sure each and every one of you has your own
trials and tribulations that have broken you down,
but the key is to get back up.

During rough times, it's best to find peace.
To ignore all that is going on, and find comfort within thyself.

So to help my readers
out I've compiled a list of steps to finding your inner peace:

1.) Have Faith:
-If none of the other steps help, this is the most
important one. Faith is ESSENTIAL.
You've got to put ALL of your trust in the Lord,
and KNOW that he will fix whatever it is you're going through.

2.) Evaluate the situation:
Is it really worth the stress?
Is worrying going to make it better?
Will stressing out make it go away?
The answer is NO. Stressing won't make it better,
so save yourself the pain. Besides, STRESS leads
to serious strain on your body. That's not good.

3.) Meditate:
It's amazing how helpful quiet, alone time can be.
Even if you can't be alone, at least close your eyes
and take your self to another place, mentally.
Countdown from a hundred if you have to.
Focus on positive things.

4.) Buy a stress ball :)
They don't make em for nothing!
Seriously, if you're pissed, take it out on the ball.
Don't do something you'll end up regretting.

5.) Finally, treat yourself.
Bad days can always be fixed with something.
Whether it be ice cream or a trip to the lake.
Everyday doesn't have to be all work.
You've got to ENJOY life.
Get out of the books and hang w/ friends.
At least once or twice a week.
It's only right!

Twitter? Tweet? T...what?

Am I late?
Am I the only person in the world not Twitter-ing yet?
Jesus Christ!

I have my little icon on my page over there ====>
for the Twitter and all but I don't even have one.
It looks so..simple to be so...addictive.

I dunno about this one guys.
Twitter might not be for me.

Rilllllll Fly.

Brand New section.
Just something I think should be featured on here,
so eh.
Check em out.
It's Floetry.
Only if you get into poetry/neo-soul.

Hmm. Too bad they broke up eh?

Speaking of breaking up,
I'm starting a new series this week,
focusing on relationships.

Your input is vital.

Til next time my people.


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2nd Letter said...

I did all but buy a stress ball. Luckily the sun coming back from all the rain served its purpose. And I got Crunch Berries!

For me, I'd add soothing music to the list. Nothing rowdy. No pop. Just calm music. Even music without words. I find it hard to be furious if I'm listenin' to "Cherish the Day" or "Body and Soul."

And I'd also add writing to the list. It doesn't even have to be poetry, but just jottin' stuff down in general. If thoughts can be simplified for the paper, then they're not really that complicated. And when things aren't complicated, one sees how foolish it is to stress over them.

This was a great post.

to Twitter. Please. I haven't even visited the site.


And you know how I feel about the last part.
*presses play*

-chucked deuce-

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