Don't Call it a Comeback...

I'm not going there with you. You faithful readers who continuously support this blog despite
my futile efforts of keeping it up. God bless your soul. I'm not saying "I'm Back" b/c I never left.
Noooo. I wasn't taking time off, simply sitting back,watching, waiting, and hoping.

Now that I'm done with the lies & comma splices. I'd like to welcome you to umm..wait.
You already know what this is.

P.S. My whole "dates" thing on the main page doesn't work. FML right?
Lol. It ain't that serious but seriously. What is up with that?!

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and trouble has come...

That's my favorite saying right now.

Thanks Be. Seriously.

So, I haven't posted in awhile.
I dare not say blogging isn't for me.
I need this site.

It's my virtual ranting conference.

Still, I neglect her often,
but she's so understanding!

I just wanted to wish you all
peace and blessings
and know that I pray for each
and every one of you before I sleep.

You never know WHO God is listening
to and any given moment.
You may have stopped praying for something
that I haven't let go.

Keep your head up people.

With much Love.
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March 29.

Finding Your Inner Peace.

Life is full..FULL of surprises.
At times, I find it hard to make it through.
I know I'm not alone in this.
I'm sure each and every one of you has your own
trials and tribulations that have broken you down,
but the key is to get back up.

During rough times, it's best to find peace.
To ignore all that is going on, and find comfort within thyself.

So to help my readers
out I've compiled a list of steps to finding your inner peace:

1.) Have Faith:
-If none of the other steps help, this is the most
important one. Faith is ESSENTIAL.
You've got to put ALL of your trust in the Lord,
and KNOW that he will fix whatever it is you're going through.

2.) Evaluate the situation:
Is it really worth the stress?
Is worrying going to make it better?
Will stressing out make it go away?
The answer is NO. Stressing won't make it better,
so save yourself the pain. Besides, STRESS leads
to serious strain on your body. That's not good.

3.) Meditate:
It's amazing how helpful quiet, alone time can be.
Even if you can't be alone, at least close your eyes
and take your self to another place, mentally.
Countdown from a hundred if you have to.
Focus on positive things.

4.) Buy a stress ball :)
They don't make em for nothing!
Seriously, if you're pissed, take it out on the ball.
Don't do something you'll end up regretting.

5.) Finally, treat yourself.
Bad days can always be fixed with something.
Whether it be ice cream or a trip to the lake.
Everyday doesn't have to be all work.
You've got to ENJOY life.
Get out of the books and hang w/ friends.
At least once or twice a week.
It's only right!

Twitter? Tweet? T...what?

Am I late?
Am I the only person in the world not Twitter-ing yet?
Jesus Christ!

I have my little icon on my page over there ====>
for the Twitter and all but I don't even have one.
It looks so..simple to be so...addictive.

I dunno about this one guys.
Twitter might not be for me.

Rilllllll Fly.

Brand New section.
Just something I think should be featured on here,
so eh.
Check em out.
It's Floetry.
Only if you get into poetry/neo-soul.

Hmm. Too bad they broke up eh?

Speaking of breaking up,
I'm starting a new series this week,
focusing on relationships.

Your input is vital.

Til next time my people.

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Quick Life Lesson.

With age should come wisdom.

Watch how you carry yourself.

Worrying about the next person,

Won't do a thing for you.

Why waste your time.

We're getting OLDER people. Time to act our age, not our shoe size (classic).

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Ha Haaaa.

And you thought I was slacking.
It's true.
I was but you have to admit, the new site looks niceeee.

It'll be getting improved as time goes on but for now I'm beat.
This took forever.
I was frustrated a whole bunch, and I apologize if I came off a bit rude (Be. Hughes).

But I'm back readers.

Changes have been made.
It's now a one-man show.
Yep. Ril is just "Ric" now.
Keeping the name though.

So, I need a cool acronym now.
Really, I'm Living?
Retro, Intelligent Life?
Lol. Idk yet but I'll think of something.

I thank each and every one of you for
your continuous support.
Natoyah Rae.
Be <3
Umm.. Sorry If I'm forgetting your name.

So. Tell me what you think?
Most of you hit me up on Facebook as if
the COMMENT box below doesn't work :|

I've got a few ideas of what I want to do next.
What do I have up my sleeve?
Only one way to find out.

P.S. My girl Jamie Jefferson is one fly chick.
Be looking out for tips from her.
I dig her style.

I gotta get some rest.
Show me Love.
Ril Love of course.

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Dear Faithful readers of this blog,
I keep saying I'm gonna do better
and gosh darn it I am.

New topics.
New Layout.
New Ril-ness.

By the way, I think I'm gonna start updating
every other night at exactly 10 o clock.

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G R A T E F U L:

Hil and I decided to do our own thing on this go round.
So we decided to pick topics and go for it.
Ya know?
Share our feelings about a particular subject.
I chose: gratefulness.

Warning: I am NOT about to preach. Trust me:)

I'm 20. A fairly decent age. Young to most,
but eh, still considered 20 years OLD.
Still I will have to say that out of all these past 20
years, the hardest thing for me to learn was being grateful.
I grew up....poor, to say the MOST.
Living in the projects (Beacon) with 3 siblings
and a single parent (Mom), should have humbled
me more than it did. But no. I was always comparing what
I had to everybody else. Always bickering about
dinner, or refusing to wear off-brand clothes, and
even going so far as to disown where I lived, and who my family was.
Ashamed would be the most common word used but
UNGRATEFUL is more appropriate. True enough,
the basis of my argument was : I didn't ask to be here,
you laid down to have me.
Looking back, I don't see how my mother managed to love
an undeserving soul like myself. She never responded.
Always continued doing her work but now,
I know the pain she must have felt hearing her own son,
disrespect her in such a manner.
I can't even type this without getting teary eyed.
I was a selfish little bastard.

Fast forward to today, and all I can do is apologize.
I can't take back my words nor can I take back my actions.
My mother has long since forgiven me.
And it took me until recently, to forgive myself.

Readers, if at any point in your life, you feel as if,
there's nothing to be thankful for,
stop what you're doing, inhale, exhale,
and then be grateful the Lord allowed you to take that breath.
Still, if that does not make you a believer, stand up,
and take a few steps, then thank the Lord for allowing you to walk.
But wait, some of us are hard headed, so do one final test,
notice your surroundings. Notice you can feel this keyboard,
you can hear your keystrokes, and you can see the monitor,
now shout praises. Now you know you've got something to be grateful for.

There are people in this world who are blind,
deaf, mute, nor can they walk.
There are some who are mentally retarded
and emotionally unstable.
There are children, CHILDREN, that have not
had a bite to eat this week and there are some children
that won't see the end of this week b/c they will starve to death.
There are famished and impoverished families all across this world,
and it's time we stop worrying about what we DON'T HAVE
and be GRATEFUL for what we do.

I'm not speaking of something I've heard about,
I'm talking from experience.
When I signed up for this blog, I never agreed
that I was a perfect person who did no wrong.
I am HUMAN. Some days, I'll complain about the weather
and get aggravated b/c my car won't work,
or even cry a little bit b/c I'm sick. But no more

I’m determined to appreciate the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me thus far.

Friends, what I’m trying to say is,no matter how hard life gets, find the good and be thankful.

This road of life is long, bumpy, full of unsuspected hitchhikers and sometimes

it seems as if you’re riding down a dark road with no headlights. But as long

as Jesus is your driver, you’re headed in the right direction.

Gratefully Yours,

Ricardo H.

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We've been neglecting you...

And we're sorry.

But we're back.
We've got a lot to tell you guys. Plenty of posts
coming, plenty of updates.

:) Stay with us people,

We're going places!

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No. Black IN.

What's ril-ly good my people (when I say MY people, I mean GOD'S people do not get
it twisted.)?

We've been slacking.

Our blog has gone weeks without a post.
In both of our defenses, we've been battling demons.
Yet that does not excuse our obligation to our love, alwaysRil.

It's February.
2nd month of the year.
Shortest month of the year.
Still, the very month nationally honored as BLACK HISTORY MONTH.
It's a time to remember, recollect, & rejoice.
Most of our readers are African American (a term that gives me shivers) college
I, Ric, know most of you personally and I am intrigued by your
wisdom and brilliance.
However, when is the last time you stopped in the middle of
your campus and thought, just 50 or so short years ago,
it would've been IMPOSSIBLE for me to be here?

It seems generic to say it now, but we've come so far.
From the field workers, to sharecroppers, from marching in
the streets, to building dreams on the corners.
We've come a long way my people, a MIGHTY long way.

With this being said, it saddens me deeply that so few
of us, including myself, are so quick to attend a (singular)
black history program and consider it enough.
People were viciously attacked by dogs, yet we're doing enough.
Families woke up to burning crosses in their lawn, but we're doing enough.

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-My eyes are watering as I stroke each key.-

It makes me smile though, to see so many of my peers
succeeding in life. Their drive, courage, and determination
are ALL qualities of the very people who paved the way for us.
My friends, it is our month.
Let us rejoice.

And if March gets here, and you find yourself still celebrating,
then by all means, continue.
Don't settle.
Don't ever think its ENOUGH.
Do more than ENOUGH.
Take it upon yourself to be the change you want to see in this world.

I hope I don't lose any readers by saying any of this,
but if you disagree with the TRUTH, then you were reading
the wrong blog in the first place.

We, my people, are the EMBODIMENT of the very thing those people died for.

See, I believe people read the word "die" and take it as an ordinary word.
BUT, if one stopped and really thought about the meaning of this one syllable
idiom, it would humble them.

When one dies, he ceases to exist.
His breathing is stopped.
His life is no more.
Those people D-I-E-D.
They did not wake up the next day.
They did not enjoy the fruit of their labor.
They marched, protested, and demonstrated KNOWING that
they may be killed, ALL for US.
All for us to be able to enjoy the same rights as others.
Its not like these people had no lives.
They were husbands, wives, children, aunts, and uncles.
They were preachers, deacons, teachers, and friends.
Yet, they exhibited the utmost form of selflessness by
sacrificing their lives for you and I.

I've heard students say "Black History Month is getting old".
Old? Old?!
The arrogance that some of today's society displays is utterly disgusting.
It is unimaginable for them NOT to be living in "Wayne's World",
attending public school with white people, and fathering/birthing
at LEAST one child before the age of 20.

I am not trying to lecture.
I am not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable,
but this needs to be said.
Not by someone older, but by someone of our generation.
It has to start with us.
I am SICK & Tired of our youth & their notion of what it
is to be black.

Being black is not the RIGHT to call each other NIGGA.
Being black is not being able to exclusively listen to rap.
Being black is not bragging on welfare.
Being black is not blaming everything on white people.


-takes a sip of water-

My people, we have GOT to redefine WHAT it means to be black.

I took the liberty of asking a few people what it means to be black to them.

Zakiya says:
To me, being a young lady of African American race is an honor. I have the gift of rhythm, dance, and natural beauty. My cultural background has a huge influence on my life. My ancestors are of the Swahili tribe of Kenya. People of the Swahili tribe are known for their music and dance styles and techniques. Knowing that explains to me my love for dance and music, and why I am well at it. Being Black has taught me to take pride in myself. To carry myself with dignity and respect. Living in this society where Blacks are still looked down on, has taught me to be strong. Being Black to me means I have the God-given privilege to be someone in life. Being Black to me means I am a child of the original people of the world. Being Black to me means I have the honor of carrying on my ancestors customs as a dancer, singer, and an all around individual. Being Black means that I am, I can, and I will. That’s what being an African American, Black, Negro child…means to me…Zakiya Jale├Ęs Nakoa Anyaso Bookert.

Brittany says:

What it means to be black is an ongoing manifestation of profound truth. And tomorrow I may have learned something even deeper. Our roots are so vast. But for now, I say that being black means being born with odds against you, limitations before you, a nation that isn't catered for your needs. It means persevering. It means giving this world something so soulful, it cannot be found anywhere else. "Swag," grace, strength--that's us. Being black is remembering that the world's first, most glorious, richest civilization is that of Africa. Black is not about being gangstas and pimps, bitches and hoes, but about being Kings and Queens, Dreamers and Pros. It's about being proud of who we are, where we've come, what we've become and what we will ultimately be because people have spent their entire history tellin' us what we're not and what we can't be.

It may seem like these are things just ANYBODY could say, but we have a story unlike anything else on this earth.


AlwaysRil started celebrating late.
So, with all due respect, we will ,
more than likely, continue our
Black History Pieces throughout next month.

We've got treats in store.
Jackson Harlem
T. Hearn.

Hmph. Two men you should have known
a year ago.
Extraordinary & Black.
That's all we'll say about them.
For Now.

Do us a favor though, tell us what it means to be black
to you.

Until Next time,

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Real In Like/Lust/Love.

Where yo BOSS at?


If you don't get this, blame it on Hil but GO listen to "Diva".
Now you oughta know.

-moving on-

We heartless, loveless souls here at alwaysRil have compiled a list
of Do's & Don'ts for this February 14th, 2009 aka Valentine's Day aka
Chocolate&RosesForNoReasonDay,HeDontReallyLoveYou Day aka
National Condom Day. No Lie. Google it.

Without further adieu, we give you our list:

1.)Do let your significant other kiss every inch of you.
Don't make an entire Facebook album showcasing it.

2.)Do ask your longtime crush to be your Valentine.
Don't dump your longtime girl/boyfriend days before the 14th.

3.)Do make a scrapbook to commemorate you & your boo's relationship.
Don't get your boo's name tattooed on your breast, chest, neck, arm, back, you get the picture.

4.)Do wear a shade of red or pink to show your festive side.
Don't run out & buy a shirt that reads: Be Mine, XoXo, Kiss Me, or I'm Yours or any other cheesy, heart candy slogan.

5.)Do know your relationship's level & buy accordingly.
Don't expect a gift from a friend that you're not "talking" to.

6.)Do research why Valentine's Day is celebrated.
Don't be bitter. Enough said.

7.)Do make something whether it be cards or cookies, use your hands, show your creative side.
Don't be too commercial. Nothing says I love you like...boxed chocolates? Not.

8.)Do something special for the one you love.
Don't expect something in return.

9.)*Do be in love to make it.
Don't drop the L bomb for the 1st time during sex.

10.) Do love & respect yourself.
We don't have a don't. Just..do the do.

So...have you found your boss yet?
It's gonna happen. So let us help you make the play list for the event.

You need SOMETHING to listen to besides the "ah's" "ooh's" & moans
of intercourse. Whether you're going to passionately make love or your partner
is gonna beat it up..
we have got the songs for you.

F*ck Songs.

**Note: Justin Timberlake's "Set the Mood" is only an intro
song. We did not include it as one of our 5 Love Making songs.**

Top 5 Love Making Songs


Earlier today, after enjoying Zaxby's, we were sitting around the living room of our apartment when Hil asked the question "WHAT makes a relationship last?" Here's what we had to say:

MonTrell: If you get to the point where you're working TOO hard, then it's already over.
It never should have made it to that point.

Jarod: Solid foundation of love & trust. The 50% rule applies here. It's not a JOB. One person should never have to work harder than the other. You have to be willing to give as much as you get.

Hillary: I know, within a MONTH, whether or not what a guy & I have will last. What I choose to do after that point depends on how convenient us being together will be. I know that sounds bad but...

Ricardo: Ya know, I just gotta be real. I don't know. I don't care to find out. I'm against long term relationships. It's a poor investment. Use your time wisely. Love = Madoff. Don't know who that is? GOOGLE him.

Josh McElroy: Uh, trust, honesty, commitment, change, patience, that's it really. Oh, &
Good SEX!!!!!

Johnathan: Yeah all that ^^^^^ unless they're a virgin or something & then you gotta wait.

Jessica :I think that the key to a lasting relationship is honesty. Not simply between you and your significant other, but also with yourself…And you have to be willing to put in the work to make it work. Not all relationships are 50/50, don’t even kid yourself in that lie. The real measure of dedication and love comes in the fact that you accept that and still work at it. You have to be willing to unconsciously put that persons wants, needs, and desires before your own. With my guy, I can honestly say that I carry him in my spirit-- meaning that I’m not whole without him and I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to remain complete.

We'd like to read YOUR comments on this question along with the rest of this post.

Til Next Time,

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Please. Fall Back & Spring Forward, RIL-ly.

Despite Sir Groundhog's recent sighting of his own shadow,
we here at alwaysRIL are prepared for the Spring.

Time to come out of hibernation under those
and bulky scarves, to embrace lighter layers,
comfortable fabrics, and, most importantly,
new looks.

Here's how it goes.
Ric will give you ten guy looks and Hil will
cover the girls.

Men's Fashion:

1.)Cardigans are a must have. There is simply no way around it.
They're light enough to wear with shorts without looking confused,
while the sleeves help protect from the sudden chilly winds.
Cardigans are great worn with ties or with a simple t shirt.

2.) Denim-less. They're a staple in the American culture but
season, they're more like a historic artifact. Denim jeans
are mundane.
They're too safe. If you're going to wear
denim jeans, at least cuff them
to above the ankle.
Trust me on this one.

3.) Chino. The perfect substitute for denim. Chinos are a type
of khakis.
They're light and look GREAT with just about anything.

4.) Tennis & Golf. Two under rated sports that are shining through

this season. Don't be afraid of your Lacoste shirt. Just stop wearing
God-awful GREEN one.

5.) Lotion up those ankles and stop wearing socks.
Socks will ruin a
perfect fit. Wear loafers, that way you
won't even need socks.
Loafers and a Lacoste shirt with
a pair of Chino shorts. Hmph.
I'm jealous already.

6.) Plaid. -sigh- Just do it. Suck it up. Disregard your
inhibitions and
just do it. -swoosh-

7.) Contrary to popular belief: BLACK is a Spring color.

I'd suggest a bold, black striped cardigan. (or at least black loafers). Here's my take:

8.) Your best friends this Spring should be: Red & Blue.
They are THE colors to wear.

9.) No, No, NO! Skulls. Bones. 80's theme.
Fad & Fashion are on two opposite ends of the spectrum.

10.) Stick a fork in your scarf. It's done.
Scarves are only stylish when they serve a purpose.
How do you expect to look cool and comfortable in
a scarf?

My favorite look:

RIL Women's Fashion:

1. BIG statement necklaces along with other tribal pieces, such as, bangles.
2. Tailored Menswear...think your boyfriend's blazer only altered to fit your body
3. Updated and Reworked Denim (minis and pencils)
4. Nude colored and Sheer fabrics
5. Rock Style but NOT skulls and chains more like leather and zippers
6. Rompers/Jumpsuits---pants are in, but the SHORTer the better
7. Angular Necklines meaning one shoulder tops, blouses, and dresses
8. BRIGHT and BOLD lemon to neon yellows, fuchsia, cobalt and turquoise blues
9. Shimmery Shiny Sparkly Glittery things...from whole vests and dresses to embellished cropped jackets and shoes
10. a LWD...that's right a little WHITE dress, but make it standout with updates like bows and ruffles!


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This is....

RIL Talk:

Here at alwaysRIL, we hold one quality with the highest regard:
Individualism. No matter WHO you are, always be YOU.
The worse thing you could possibly ever do is CONFORM.
Standing out does seem a bit intimidating, believe me,
but it would be much more comfortable for YOU to stand
out than to blend in.
Hil and I have always been odd :), and though it meant
that we were talked about, we held our heads up.
God made us just the way he wanted us.
We're made in HIS image.

Next time you walk past a mirror, give yourself
a wink. You deserve it. Nobody on this Earth
can do anything for you if you do not allow them to.
(This is especially true for my fellow college students.
No student on that campus is able to give you a degree!)

What someone else eats, does not make you sh*t.

Think about that.

Be Blessed.
Be Thankful.
Be Ril.


*Coming Soon: Spring 2009: What to Wear*

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...the beginning....


Real Recognize RIL. & I'm one of the RIL-est you'll ever meet.
who am i? WHO AM I?

I'm Ric. 1/2 of the Almighty RIL.
20 years old with a 40 year old soul.
I'm half African American & half gone.
Full of book sense y
et common senseless.
My sister= My world.
My education = My Key.
This Blog = My Outlet.

-looks at Hil-

We made it DAWG.
Finally, OUR blog. Our very own "damn-we-need-to-tell-ppl-about-this" site.

Here's a shovel, let's see if you can dig it.


I am a 21 year old Marketing major from Laurel(Lah), MS. I have always found myself thinking and existing outside of the box. Since an early age I was always dressed to impress. Hell, I had my own bow maker! Shout out to P-Lo(my mama)! Growing up on the "Westside" while attending a magnet school taught me how to be my own person. I learned to square dance at school and "pop" when I got home. I'm not BOOGIE/Stuck up/better than anybody. I may not be liked the majority, but that's how most things, that last, start out (ie: sliced bread, mini skirts, rap)


Our blog is dedicated to the people.

Seriously, we are here to talk about the things in the world
that most people try to avoid?

Why us?

We know people who know people.
Ya' know people?

And you will respect us,

or you'll make Frankie mad.....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*You F*Cking Crackhead*


Anyway stick with us

We're going places


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