Don't Call it a Comeback...

I'm not going there with you. You faithful readers who continuously support this blog despite
my futile efforts of keeping it up. God bless your soul. I'm not saying "I'm Back" b/c I never left.
Noooo. I wasn't taking time off, simply sitting back,watching, waiting, and hoping.

Now that I'm done with the lies & comma splices. I'd like to welcome you to umm..wait.
You already know what this is.

P.S. My whole "dates" thing on the main page doesn't work. FML right?
Lol. It ain't that serious but seriously. What is up with that?!



2nd Letter said...

This new layout is freshhhh. I love it. It makes me want to be surrounded by paper and art and childhood and fantasy and easy conversation.

Lol. *waits patiently for the next entry...very patiently*

2nd Letter said...

Pahaha, this is so last year.
But I am so sincere...
when I say, I'd read
anything you post here.

12 months and 10 days
from the last time I stayed.
I'm chillin' at Friday's
watching servers not get paid.

Some heroes are made.
Some heroes are born.
Idk which I like more
Porn or Ricardo Horne.

LOL I'm joshin you.
I just wanted to rhyme.
You're never gonna read this.
But that is just fine.


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