...the beginning....


Real Recognize RIL. & I'm one of the RIL-est you'll ever meet.
who am i? WHO AM I?

I'm Ric. 1/2 of the Almighty RIL.
20 years old with a 40 year old soul.
I'm half African American & half gone.
Full of book sense y
et common senseless.
My sister= My world.
My education = My Key.
This Blog = My Outlet.

-looks at Hil-

We made it DAWG.
Finally, OUR blog. Our very own "damn-we-need-to-tell-ppl-about-this" site.

Here's a shovel, let's see if you can dig it.


I am a 21 year old Marketing major from Laurel(Lah), MS. I have always found myself thinking and existing outside of the box. Since an early age I was always dressed to impress. Hell, I had my own bow maker! Shout out to P-Lo(my mama)! Growing up on the "Westside" while attending a magnet school taught me how to be my own person. I learned to square dance at school and "pop" when I got home. I'm not BOOGIE/Stuck up/better than anybody. I may not be liked the majority, but that's how most things, that last, start out (ie: sliced bread, mini skirts, rap)


Our blog is dedicated to the people.

Seriously, we are here to talk about the things in the world
that most people try to avoid?

Why us?

We know people who know people.
Ya' know people?

And you will respect us,

or you'll make Frankie mad.....

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*You F*Cking Crackhead*


Anyway stick with us

We're going places



wun sexii kat said...

the intro was ok. wait til you see JadeD

Jeremy Hosey said...

Very nice so far... I will be keeping up with this because you guys are both fashion gurus and I have to make sure I'm Top Notch. LOL

Nikonie Brown said...

Great so far! I'm so ready to see what you guys have to say! :)

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