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RIL Talk:

Here at alwaysRIL, we hold one quality with the highest regard:
Individualism. No matter WHO you are, always be YOU.
The worse thing you could possibly ever do is CONFORM.
Standing out does seem a bit intimidating, believe me,
but it would be much more comfortable for YOU to stand
out than to blend in.
Hil and I have always been odd :), and though it meant
that we were talked about, we held our heads up.
God made us just the way he wanted us.
We're made in HIS image.

Next time you walk past a mirror, give yourself
a wink. You deserve it. Nobody on this Earth
can do anything for you if you do not allow them to.
(This is especially true for my fellow college students.
No student on that campus is able to give you a degree!)

What someone else eats, does not make you sh*t.

Think about that.

Be Blessed.
Be Thankful.
Be Ril.


*Coming Soon: Spring 2009: What to Wear*


J.HAR said...

Excellent advice.

And I like the way it was stated.

J. Harlem

wun sexii kat said...

I look at myself in the mirror every time I'm waiting at the elevator.

I love being me.

The oddball pretty girl nerd.

Jeremy Hosey said...

Totally feeling the fashion tips. All people should be made to read this one.

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