Real In Like/Lust/Love.

Where yo BOSS at?


If you don't get this, blame it on Hil but GO listen to "Diva".
Now you oughta know.

-moving on-

We heartless, loveless souls here at alwaysRil have compiled a list
of Do's & Don'ts for this February 14th, 2009 aka Valentine's Day aka
Chocolate&RosesForNoReasonDay,HeDontReallyLoveYou Day aka
National Condom Day. No Lie. Google it.

Without further adieu, we give you our list:

1.)Do let your significant other kiss every inch of you.
Don't make an entire Facebook album showcasing it.

2.)Do ask your longtime crush to be your Valentine.
Don't dump your longtime girl/boyfriend days before the 14th.

3.)Do make a scrapbook to commemorate you & your boo's relationship.
Don't get your boo's name tattooed on your breast, chest, neck, arm, back, you get the picture.

4.)Do wear a shade of red or pink to show your festive side.
Don't run out & buy a shirt that reads: Be Mine, XoXo, Kiss Me, or I'm Yours or any other cheesy, heart candy slogan.

5.)Do know your relationship's level & buy accordingly.
Don't expect a gift from a friend that you're not "talking" to.

6.)Do research why Valentine's Day is celebrated.
Don't be bitter. Enough said.

7.)Do make something whether it be cards or cookies, use your hands, show your creative side.
Don't be too commercial. Nothing says I love you like...boxed chocolates? Not.

8.)Do something special for the one you love.
Don't expect something in return.

9.)*Do be in love to make it.
Don't drop the L bomb for the 1st time during sex.

10.) Do love & respect yourself.
We don't have a don't. the do.

So...have you found your boss yet?
It's gonna happen. So let us help you make the play list for the event.

You need SOMETHING to listen to besides the "ah's" "ooh's" & moans
of intercourse. Whether you're going to passionately make love or your partner
is gonna beat it up..
we have got the songs for you.

F*ck Songs.

**Note: Justin Timberlake's "Set the Mood" is only an intro
song. We did not include it as one of our 5 Love Making songs.**

Top 5 Love Making Songs


Earlier today, after enjoying Zaxby's, we were sitting around the living room of our apartment when Hil asked the question "WHAT makes a relationship last?" Here's what we had to say:

MonTrell: If you get to the point where you're working TOO hard, then it's already over.
It never should have made it to that point.

Jarod: Solid foundation of love & trust. The 50% rule applies here. It's not a JOB. One person should never have to work harder than the other. You have to be willing to give as much as you get.

Hillary: I know, within a MONTH, whether or not what a guy & I have will last. What I choose to do after that point depends on how convenient us being together will be. I know that sounds bad but...

Ricardo: Ya know, I just gotta be real. I don't know. I don't care to find out. I'm against long term relationships. It's a poor investment. Use your time wisely. Love = Madoff. Don't know who that is? GOOGLE him.

Josh McElroy: Uh, trust, honesty, commitment, change, patience, that's it really. Oh, &
Good SEX!!!!!

Johnathan: Yeah all that ^^^^^ unless they're a virgin or something & then you gotta wait.

Jessica :I think that the key to a lasting relationship is honesty. Not simply between you and your significant other, but also with yourself…And you have to be willing to put in the work to make it work. Not all relationships are 50/50, don’t even kid yourself in that lie. The real measure of dedication and love comes in the fact that you accept that and still work at it. You have to be willing to unconsciously put that persons wants, needs, and desires before your own. With my guy, I can honestly say that I carry him in my spirit-- meaning that I’m not whole without him and I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to remain complete.

We'd like to read YOUR comments on this question along with the rest of this post.

Til Next Time,



2nd Letter said...

"In The Middle"-Trey Songz...that can cross categories, I think.

"Love You Gently"...LOVE that joint.
And included my jam, "If This World Were Mine" that song is good for the dinner and the dessert, forRIL tho.

The most successful relationship, in my opinion, is that of two friends. A good friend shows respect, knows how to compromise and is there when you need 'em. Throw some passion in the mix, and you got a match.

If two ppl are together and find no value in each other (besides the value of genitals), the relationship is worthless.

Being good friends is an incentive for ensuring a good relationship. If you don't want to lose a friend, demonstrate it.

I really think love is quite simple.
Men and Women want the same things.

Good Post.

Mr. Hosey said...

I just added most of these songs to my Valentine's Day CD... Hmmm...
I totally loved to post. It makes sense and it gives insight to what makes things a life long bond.

To Answer that question:
Trust, Honesty, and Commitment help "sustain" a relationship. If you are to scared to make yourself vulnerable to your significant other, then you shouldn't be in a relationship with them. You shouldn't be afraid that they'll leave you everytime you happen to disagree or let them know how you feel. It's an issue that's plagued us all. Be really and allow people to feel.

wun sexii kat said...

Well written posting!

*scurries off to work on JadeD*

As far as what it takes to sustain a relationship: I wouldn't know or else I'd be in a sustained relationship. Duh.

Love ya'll!

Melissa said...

very interesting post. I love the do's and don'ts. I hate I missed reading this blog before Valentines! I love the music! :}

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