Please. Fall Back & Spring Forward, RIL-ly.

Despite Sir Groundhog's recent sighting of his own shadow,
we here at alwaysRIL are prepared for the Spring.

Time to come out of hibernation under those
and bulky scarves, to embrace lighter layers,
comfortable fabrics, and, most importantly,
new looks.

Here's how it goes.
Ric will give you ten guy looks and Hil will
cover the girls.

Men's Fashion:

1.)Cardigans are a must have. There is simply no way around it.
They're light enough to wear with shorts without looking confused,
while the sleeves help protect from the sudden chilly winds.
Cardigans are great worn with ties or with a simple t shirt.

2.) Denim-less. They're a staple in the American culture but
season, they're more like a historic artifact. Denim jeans
are mundane.
They're too safe. If you're going to wear
denim jeans, at least cuff them
to above the ankle.
Trust me on this one.

3.) Chino. The perfect substitute for denim. Chinos are a type
of khakis.
They're light and look GREAT with just about anything.

4.) Tennis & Golf. Two under rated sports that are shining through

this season. Don't be afraid of your Lacoste shirt. Just stop wearing
God-awful GREEN one.

5.) Lotion up those ankles and stop wearing socks.
Socks will ruin a
perfect fit. Wear loafers, that way you
won't even need socks.
Loafers and a Lacoste shirt with
a pair of Chino shorts. Hmph.
I'm jealous already.

6.) Plaid. -sigh- Just do it. Suck it up. Disregard your
inhibitions and
just do it. -swoosh-

7.) Contrary to popular belief: BLACK is a Spring color.

I'd suggest a bold, black striped cardigan. (or at least black loafers). Here's my take:

8.) Your best friends this Spring should be: Red & Blue.
They are THE colors to wear.

9.) No, No, NO! Skulls. Bones. 80's theme.
Fad & Fashion are on two opposite ends of the spectrum.

10.) Stick a fork in your scarf. It's done.
Scarves are only stylish when they serve a purpose.
How do you expect to look cool and comfortable in
a scarf?

My favorite look:

RIL Women's Fashion:

1. BIG statement necklaces along with other tribal pieces, such as, bangles.
2. Tailored Menswear...think your boyfriend's blazer only altered to fit your body
3. Updated and Reworked Denim (minis and pencils)
4. Nude colored and Sheer fabrics
5. Rock Style but NOT skulls and chains more like leather and zippers
6. Rompers/Jumpsuits---pants are in, but the SHORTer the better
7. Angular Necklines meaning one shoulder tops, blouses, and dresses
8. BRIGHT and BOLD lemon to neon yellows, fuchsia, cobalt and turquoise blues
9. Shimmery Shiny Sparkly Glittery things...from whole vests and dresses to embellished cropped jackets and shoes
10. a LWD...that's right a little WHITE dress, but make it standout with updates like bows and ruffles!



2nd Letter said...

I dig it.

Luv, thanks for bring some manhood to the boyhood. It's oh so necessary.

Turquoise is my thing. Vests are my thing.
You have inspired me to try pencil skirts. I commend you.

[Duck Duck Goose
Chucked Chucked Deuce]
-Be Hughes-

2nd Letter said...




Nikonie said...

I meant to comment earlier, but here I am now! :)

I LOVE the idea of bright colors. I always love to wear bright clothes whenever I can. :)

I'm also excited about nude/sheer. I saw a badass nude dress by Bebe, I think. Sadly, I can't afford it. :(

J.HAR said...

Yes, indeed. Excellent post.Your style info is definitely on point.

J. Harlem

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